Oct 3, 2008

Mish Mash, with a Dash of Ham

With Healadin Crisis '08 temporarily averted, I'm not sure what else to talk about. I haven't actually logged into the game in a few days, due to our break. I can see Patch 3.0.x putting me right back into the thick of things, so I consider this the calm before the storm.

BRK posted about WoWHead's new item comparison tool and I'm all kinds of excited. THIS is what I've wanted for so long and never understood why it didn't exist. I never look at equipment unless it's to compare to what I already have. In the past this involved spreadsheets and manual data addition (since copy/past of links = suck in Excel). It's also great that you can save a comparison then add to it later while putting around their site. So this is an excellent move, and puts WoWHead a significant step closer to total world domination.

Right now my main focus is getting ready for Anniversary/BlizzCon/Halloween. My B-Day and my Mom's B-Day are also this month. How October became such a flurry of activity is beyond me.

I highly recommend reading BoKings Bacon of Light meets Iron Chef summary from the WoW forums. "They have "Ham" spells that they can use on themselves or others. i.e Ham of Freedom, Ham of Protection"

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