Oct 2, 2008

-20% healing? Plea-se...

So GC has posted a modification of Divine Plea so healing is only reduced by 20% (instead of 100%) and have made it dispellable (for PvP).

While I consider this a big improvement, I still don't understand the reason to have reduced healing to begin with. Neither Innervate or Shadowfiend reduce healing. From a raid standpoint it makes little sense that you have to step up the heals to compensate, thus using more mana, when you want to get a measly 25% of your mana back.

As the game is now, with alchemy trinkets, albatross trinkets, and mana pots, I can regen about 50% of my 12k mana pool with zero side effects. On the flip side, most of my perception is based on SWP healing where there is barely time to use a GCD during boss fights. If I stop and think about MH/BT, though, I can see it not being so bad. In fact, on some of those fights, I can just stand around, staring at the wall while I mp5 back up.

Also, I need to keep in mind that I normally don't get a shadow priest. With those benefits going raid-wide, I'll see a mana change right there. So, even though the -20% healing seems silly, I don't see it really impacting much of anything. I always have my back-up "PLEASE DON'T DIE!!" yell that signals Fozec to hit his Last Stand. >:P

In other news, with the patch coming out on October 14th, I'm attempting to get the other officers to agree to extending our break until then. Not only does the patch mean new abilities, it brings a 30% hp nerf to all of the ZA/MH/BT/SWP bosses. That's a pretty big deal. The question will be how much of the guild will still be around when that happens. I haven't logged in to see how the mass exodous is going, but I imagine we've lost a number of recent additions.

Checking WoWProgress, we've lost exactly one hunter alt. Hmmm...

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