Aug 12, 2008


We did the whole recruit-a-"friend" thing to Fozec's tauren warrior last night.  Before we transferred over the toon, we did a test run to be sure we had the mystical link thing set up.  We made some lowbie trolls.  I went with the total rp name of "Lawlwutsup".  Can you believe that wasn't taken??
How the recruit-an-alt thing will work out:
1. Zhevra mount for me
2. Level 30 to 60 tauren warrior 3 times as fast*
3. Level 30 to 60 belf mage 3 times as fast*
4. About 15 insta levels for a lowbie char of my choice
5. Ability to teleport my mage then friend-port Fozec with me once per hour
1. The Cost**
2. Waiting 40 days for the new mount (10 day free trial + 30 days until 2nd month payment made)
*Now, as others have pointed out, the 3 times as fast is while you're questing and grinding together.  It's not the same as 3 times as fast when you're soloing.  The bonus xp is in addition to the already increased xp gain from level 20-60 but does not stack with rested bonus.  Basically your rested bar will just sit there until you hit level 60.
**There are a few different ways to do the recruit-an-alt thing.  Here are your options:
1. New WoW Account - $20
2. One Month Free Playtime - ($15)
3. Each Month New Account Playtime - $15 (2 months required for zhevra)
4. Character Transfer Each Way - $25
5. BC Account Upgrade - $30
The tricky part here is you have to upgrade to a BC account if you encounter the following:
1. Want to play a blood elf or draenei
2. Want to play in the belf or draenei starting areas
3. Are transferring a character that has leveled in the belf/draenei starting areas, regardless of actual race
The cheapest cost where you still get the zhevra mount is $60, assuming you transfer the new level 60 to your main account and cancel the new account after 2 months.  The most expensive version, with server transfers, using all 90 days to level, and playing BC races/areas is $130 when you're all said and done.
We're at the $115 mark where we're transferring a character that's played in BC areas to and from the new account, but we expect to reach level 60 in the minimum 2 months.

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