Aug 11, 2008

Another Monday

I resigned from WI over the weekend.  I just don't have the time or motivation to write something every week.  I have one more article to finish (wrap up my analyzing healers series) then I'm done.  This will mean a lot less guilt for not doing them like I should.  /enters obscurity
In other news, I picked up the Ironshield recipe this weekend.  This was good since our resident Ironshield potion guy was part of the mass transfer.  I'm pot spec'd and seem to have an ok proc rate.  Fozec bought me the haste one off the AH, too.  So I'm almost like a real alchemist, instead of merely metagaming the trinket.
We spent 4 hrs clearing Council and Illidan last night.  Not fun or cool.  In fact, when we finally got Illidan down we wiped two more times to parasites before we could even loot the boss.  Nice.  On the bright side, our first warglaive in 7 months dropped.  It was the off-hand but we took what we could get.
Fozec has been talking about doing the invite-a-friend-and-we'll-give-you-a-horse-plus-3x's-the-xp-to-lvl-60 program to get both me an epic zhevra and him a level 60 tauren warrior.  He really wants to be a tauren warrior in the expansion, rather than the orc one he has now.  And unlike when BC came out, all of the gear his orc has will be replaced by level 80.  Last time Thunderfury was still too good to pass up.  The only downside is loosing all the achievements Fozec would have.  He's been a lot of places and done a lot of things.
I have to admit that playing alts with Foz sounds like good times, though.  He's been xbox'ing lately, leaving me flying solo in the game.  And without Fozec, it's just not as fun.  Sure, I goofed off with a DK, but it kinda sucked because I couldn't yell "OMG! Did you just see that?!?!?" every 30 sec like I wanted to.  In fact, I felt like I should keep all the cool stuff to myself so I wouldn't ruin his DK experience later.  Other than that I just stood around town, staring at the walls.
Once I attempted to go work on my flying ray dailies but got lost on the way there.  I ended up having to hearth back to Shatt and starting over.  I tried to get a 5-man together but we had no tanks.  I still can't bring myself to work on Consortium rep, so I ran out of options.  hehe

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see that you will not be writing for WI anymore, I found your series to be enjoyable and very helpful. You sound a little down in your post, I hope things pick up. Maybe levelling a new toon will be a nice change and get you re-energized. Thanks for the WI articles!