Feb 21, 2008

Of Hunters and Druids

So we rolled a belf hunter and pally last night and made it to level 4 before we had to switch to raiding. Well, Foz had to switch. I got to warm the bench since the other 2 pallies needed things out of MH. The downside is they forgot about me when they went to BT and my boots dropped. Oops! It's ok, though, since I'm trying to save my DKP for the shoulders. Plus, who doesn't want to wear fluffy purple things up to their knees? Srsly.

The hunter is already tons of fun. I really like standing back and shooting. My dps is fairly high with that class because the ranged attacks make up for my inherently "zomg, wait up for me!" cronic condition I have. No matter where we're going, I'll be the last one to arrive. But with a hunter, I can just start shooting before most people would be in range. muhahaha

So since I had about 4 hrs to kill and my hunter only likes playing with a pally, I decided to fire up my husband's old druid. He's level 60 in full T2 and epic healing gear. I decided I wanted to play him as feral, so that's how I spec'd him. So now I'm a kitty in healing gear, heading off to Outlands. And once I figured out that half my cat abilities weren't on my quickbars, I didn't do half bad. My plan is to have my rich pally belly up to the AH and pick him out some basic starter gear.


jim said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying the new hunter alt so much. Now just to find time to play it! Tonight we finish clearing Black Temple, so it may be this weekend before we can play them in earnest.

Since you're playing my 60 druid alt and I'm going to play your 60 rogue alt, I'll need to research the best rogue leveling spec. Since the rogue hasn't been played since pre-TBC, I'm sure her talent points have been refunded.

Valyre said...

Sadly, she's has been played since BC and I totally fubarred her talents. I'm sorry. :(

I'll do some rogue research and send it your way. I read up on feral druids this morning so I think I know what I'm doing.

The real question is who'll do what when we're playing together. We both have "only from behind" abilities. lol