Feb 4, 2008

Moar Monday

Between my husband and I helping to move my sister-in-law this weekend, and still feeling under the weather (aka passing out whenever possible), not a ton of WoW stuff got done the last few days.

My husband's lock got his level 40 mount and I ran him through all of SM. It was pretty cool that the hat dropped so now he's a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, I did feign death kill him once while we were clearing out the cathedral. Sometimes it's hard to remember that you're not soloing. Luckily he was SS'd and I had an aoe fire trap down. I need to work on my runner skillz.

My cat got level 5 loyalty, and with that came 128 talent points. Since I'm just treading water until I can learn new dps talents at level 62, I didn't see any reason to not take the 100pt natural armor and the 75pt Stam. While technically my cat is set up for damage, I also use him to keep the baddies at bay. I don't think he's particularily low on health or takes a high amount of damage, but my only other option for the points is resist schools. /shrug

I don't really understand why pet talents don't work like every other talent system in the game. There are no trees, for one. Instead you have an increasingly higher "rank" of base abilities. So for Stam, you can learn ranks 1-11 that increase in cost per rank. The catch is if your pet knows a rank and you teach it a higher one, you only pay the point difference. Yet the full price is what's listed. That's how 100pt + 75pt actually equals 125pt. Is it that hard to just show me the actual cost without making me do math?

Every rank of every talent are just listed alphabetically, like in a crafting window. Honestly, it's pretty much exactly how the beta talent windows were for all classes originally, which is a pretty crappy interface, imo. I'm probably never going to take any of the 5 ranks of NR, but I have to scroll past them all the time. So here's something rough I came up with.

Basically it would show you how many ranks you've learned of each talent available to your type of pet. So, for example, I've only learned 2 ranks out of the total 3 ranks for Prowl. Each rank would cost the same amount of points as before. When I would mouse over the ability, though, it would only show me how many points I would need to spend to get the next rank, assuming I have learned it.


Jim said...

I know nothing about huntering, but it sure sounds like the pet talent / skill UI could use some work.

It's funny that the only WoW related thing from the weekend that you didn't mention was killing Illidan on Sunday. I guess since it's our guild third kill and he is on farm, the Illidan kill was the least noteworthy WoW thing you did all weekend. LOL

I appreciate you running my warlock through SM last night. You mentioned me getting Whitemane's Chapeau (sp?), but I also got my first epic, the Deadman's ring off of Arcanist Doan. I can't remember the exact name, but it's really nice for a warlock with all of that stamina. The freezing proc might be useful too, since I'm drain tank spec and thus I'm normally taking a beating. When it procs, I'll strafe away and see how long it holds them in place while the DoTs tick and I drain.

gt said...

Never got my Hunter past lvl 28 but that still sounds way better than what pet skill training is right now!

Jason said...

Not mentioning killing Illidan = priceless. :)

Sometimes I get annoyed they've done so much (I know, it's arguable it's SO much) to customize hunter pets, and yet you can't even control the name of your demon as a warlock. Why I can be attacked by a kitty named Inurface and can only retaliate with Czaapham is beyond me. :)

Way to go snagging Jim the Chapeau, I used that thing all the way into UBRS back in the dizzay.

Valyre said...

I meant to mention we 2-shotted Illidan but I got side tracked by the whole hunter pet talent thing. :(