Feb 5, 2008

Distracted and Lazy

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I try to get them in before lunchtime so my 4 readers have time to comment. :D

I spent most of the morning finishing up my WI article and then immediately started to work on the next. My topic du semaine is spell haste - what it is now and what the Patch 2.4 GCD changes mean for healers in the future. Research? I has it!

I've also spent some time arguing spell haste math on the druidic Healer LFG blog. It look a bunch of reading, calculations, and an Excel spreadsheet until I fully understood the issue myself. I feel bad about commenting on their blog because 1) no one wants to be wrong in public and 2) they put in a tip to WI about said spell haste analysis and I wanted to be able to link them in my WI article since they got me to bump up spell haste on my list of topics, but I can't as long as their calcs are incorrect.

Blah. Why Blizz required such confusing concepts for something as simple as casting faster is beyond me.

Last night I didn't do much WoW'ing and it was my own fault. I hit level 61 on my hunter and then logged, trading a computer screen for a book I'm trying to finish off (3rd book of the Golden Compass trilogy). I was also on serious Frodie watch (our fat cat) since he's recently lost enough weight to be able to jump on counters. He's pretty deep in the School of Hard Knocks on that no-no lesson. (See there? I totally avoided that "knocks" pun!)

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gt said...

4 readers?! Do you yourself a disservice and your articles are awesome. :P

Spell haste makes my brain hurt but the idea of 1 second FoL cast times is intriguing.