Feb 18, 2008

Going Old School

This weekend we finally got around to getting our new shadow priest attuned. We downed Illidan and then cleared SSC in 3.5 hrs. It's been so long since we've been back there that some of the people listed in my healing assigments weren't even with the guild anymore.

But what was supposed to be a relaxing run seemed anything but. We have a mage that joined the guild in the past month or so. Apparently pre-BC she played a resto druid and has a holy pally sitting on the side. And she's been running that pally through Kara. Reports from a priet say she's a really good healer.

Well, one of our paladins had to change jobs recently, effectively preventing her from raiding with us. So the mage contacted me to say that she'd prefer to play her healadin and switch mains. Within the week, an old healadin that had disappeared in December came back and wanted to raid. Add onto the confusion that one of our mages got hacked and did this whole "I might not come back" letter of nonsense.

So I have a pally back that I wasn't expecting and a mage MIA for who knows how long, and this girl wants to bring her pally to SSC last night to prove how good of a healer she is. I try to explain that 1) I don't need proof. If C says she's good, then she's good. 2) We're short a mage already and 3) I have to figure out what to do with this pally that's suddenly back before I can do much of anything else.

Over the healing lead channel, I said something about how it was kinda bait and switch, with her joining as a mage and pressuring me to let her switch. Well, apparently that somehow got back to her, and I get this passive agressive whisper from her about how seemingly nice people actually weren't and how she was asked to volunteer to play her pally and it wasn't her idea, blah blah blah. Q f'ing Q, ok? I'm trying to do a raid here. Then she says something about being offended. I replied "Cool, so am I."

Any chance that girl had of ever playing her pally with us died at that exact moment. I'm pretty tolerant of personality quirks but I draw the line at the girly passive agressive crap. I will not have it in my healing team. End of story. I already have enough to deal with and don't need the unnecessary stress.


Jim said...

I'm sorry that you have to deal with that stuff. We already knew this girl was very sensitive and emotional from a previous incident.

Of greater concern is that what you said in the healing lead channel got back to her. That can only be one of two people. I'd suggest you find out who told her what you said and why they did that. If you can't speak freely to the other healing leaders, then you need to know that. And really if you can't speak freely to them, what good are they in that role. It could have been an honest mistake I suppose, perhaps an attempt to explain to her why it wasn't a good idea. But if so, they need to know the consequences of their actions.

gt said...

yeesh that sounds like a mess. :/

I would react pretty much the exact same way. Passive Aggressive = Mess