Jan 25, 2008


It's almost the end of what seems like a really long week. Last night I took up position as the 8th healer, meaning I sat out until they hit Mother. By some stroke of luck, the neck I needed off her dropped. Again people that aren't even healers started congratulating me before the winner was announced. Is there some sort of secret loot channel that I don't belong to?? I did end up getting it, so I was all kinds of happy.

This means I've gotten 3 (neck, bracers, belt) out of the 5 upgrades I'm seriously after in this week alone. All I need is one more piece of T6 and the boots off Naj'entus. I know Z, another healadin, is /drool after the shoulders, but I wonder what her feelings are on the chest. I think she's in the same situation I am, 3/5 on teir gear.

We also had double protector shoulders drop, and when they announced the lucky recipients, my name was in the list. Um... I'm not a warrior/hunter/shaman. About a month ago, we had an accident (and subsequent running joke) where a pally DID put in for non-class gear mistakenly. So I immediately made it known that I didn't do it, and it wasn't my fault. Then my husband speaks up, all jedi mind control like, and says "I think you meant Fozec". There's a pause and the GM replied, "Yep. I did." lol Apparently all of us plate wearers look a like.

So now my husband is sporting these GIANT shoulders with HUGE spikes sticking out in all directions. They look awesome with his helm, and I can't wait until he nabs the shield off Illidan. :D

With me in the raid last night, we were cruising with 3 healadins and a ret. This meant I could fire up BoL, slap on the appropriate tome, and go to town. Without any +healing consumables, my base flash was 1974. Crits were going for the 3k mark. I checked my stats, kind of surprised. While my total plus healing has gone down some to +2.1k healing, my holy crit has shot up to 27%. Chalk it up to the BoL situation which we rarely have anymore, but it's nice to see I can pump out the healing when needed.

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