Nov 29, 2007


My goal for SitB is to cover the things I know or have experienced in the World of Warcraft. "Standing in the Back" refers to the two things I love: healing and ranged dps.

Here's a bit of history about my WoW life... I originally started as a troll rogue, and cleared MC/Onyxia with her. Around that time, I realized that I both hated my guild and my class. So in January of 2006, I helped form a new guild and rerolled undead priest. I spent the next year healing my way through BWL, AQ40, and a chunk of Naxx. When BC came out, I used her through Morogrim before deciding that while I loved healing, being one-shotted and using 2.5 sec cast spells was driving me insane. Like bat guano insane. So, ever the last one to arrive to a party, I rerolled as a belf healdin about 2 months after others were already raiding with theirs.

So, you could say I have the history of being a reroller, abeit it takes me a year between new characters, and not an alt person. That was until about a month ago when I created a draenei hunter. The hearts over the head of the first crab I tamed wasn't the only amore in the air. I seriously love the precision that picking off targets from range gives you. The pet taking 99% of the hits is gravy, too. And no stress. I sit there, reading all the quest stories and wander around, lost most of the time. I build my own schedule (around my raiding one, naturally), and if I want to spend time leveling my fishing, no one cares.

So now I spit my time between being the healing lead/officer for a MH and BT guild, to wondering htf I'm supposed to get from the Wetlands to... well... anywhere.


BRK said...

Glad to see we made both fun and informative categories. :)

Have a good time blogging, we'll visit.



Valyre said...

BRK is pretty much the reason I tried hunter to begin with. I have "How to Build a Beastmaster Hunter" bookmarked. The daily posts are good fun, too.