Nov 29, 2007

Insanity Plea

So I've done what is perhaps the weirdest thing anyone in WoW has ever done. I paid to transfer my lowbie hunter from one RP server to another. It's scary and exciting at the same time. The scary part is being cut off from everyone I know, and playing on a server where my husband's co-worker plays, whom I've talked to twice.

On the bright side, I'm starting over and no longer have to resist sneaking items and gold to said alt. I'm also going to try out some rp. Being drainy, I've been researching how to do a Russian accent, which is harder than it sounds since most Russians don't want an accent. Apparently there's a hot debate over whether you want an American or English accent, just so you know.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, may I recommend Wiki's Non-Native Pronunciations of English. I would also note that there is no "th" or stand-alone "h" sound in Russian (they left that out). There is "ch" and "sh", though. I plan on using "d" for "th" and just leave off any h's that are flying solo. So my welcome phrase will be something like "Vell, 'ellow dere!" It's a work in progress.

Switching gears, my pally hit up Mount Hyjal last night with 24 of my closest friends. We made some viable, though short-lived attempts on Archimonde. I think our record was somewhere around 2 minutes. I <3 me some Fear Ward, though. Even nerfed, it's good stuff. There's also something about flying through the air on that fight (or Kael's) that's too much fun.

What sucks about MH is we keep getting the same loot from the same bosses, which is frustrating for those that aren't prot pally/warrior or resto shaman. Winterchill, drop my bracers already!!!! Black Temple is where I love to be, anyways. And tonight I'm going to kill all my constructs. No, seriously. Tonight's the night! (Honest, I've been practicing!)

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