Oct 20, 2008

We Can Has Practice

We spent all of last night learning the Kil'jaeden fight. Our best attempt got him to below 25% and into the last phase. We'll be in there again tonight, seeing if we can manage a win. It's a tough fight, but doable.

What this has really done, though, is give me a chance to iron out my spell selection. Also, WWS is working again! Yay!

Right now I'm sporting the following rotation:
1) Seal of Wisdom/Judge (while I'm running to get into position)
2) Beacon of Light on the OT
3) Flash (bulk of my heals)
4) Occasional Shock
5) Reapply Judge (20 sec)/Bacon (60 sec)

I'm keep the OT as my target and use quartz to watch his bacon time. I make the boss my focus and use Pitbull's filtered buffs to show my Judgment time. I've keybound Bacon (2), Seal of Wis (3), /cast [target=focus] Judgment of Light (4), and /targetlasttarget (5). Flash, Shock, and Light are mouse button bound.

My job on Kil'jaeden is raid healing + OT healing. I have picked Flash as my primary heal because it lets me hop around the raid quickly. I'm keeping people from dying until a a bigger heal lands. This very speedy healing also means I tend to get higher effective healing, which results in more hp directed at the OT. Also, due to our locked-in positioning, Bacon means I can heal the OT even when he's not within 40 yds of me.

On our best attempt, Z and I topped the healing meters. To be fair, though, this isn't a good chain heal fight. In fact, I think due to our spread-out-ness, Shammies can't use it at all. And if you have to resort to direct heals, it's hard to beat a pally.

Since WWS has recovered, I wanted to do some before/after spell comparisons. The following values are average amount healed per cast/mana cost. The larger the number, the better.

Flash - Before: 2180hp/180mana = 12.1 hp/mana (with old LotLB)
After: 2573hp/206mana = 12.5 hp/mana (with new LoSR)

Light - Before: 3879hp/546mana = 7.1 hp/mana (both with LoAbsTruth)
After: 6390hp/822mana = 7.8 hp/mana

Bacon - 229330 total eff healing/(13 cast*971 mana)= 18.2 hp/mana

Bacon, it's what's for raiding. :D

Speaking of this spell, WWS (and most likely the combat log) treats it a bit weird. Placing Beacon of Light on someone isn't attributed to a particular healer. Instead, the person just miraculously gains it. The healing, on the other hand, is attributed to the correct healer. So how did I know I cast it 13 times? Well, for one, I knew that for a particular attempt, I only ever cast it on Fozec. Fozec gained the buff 13 times that go-around. But to be sure the other two pallies weren't also buffing him, I had to check the log.

The easiest way to do this is as follows:
1) Pick the attempt
2) Under Browse select Browse Log File
3) For the filter, put in spell="beacon of light" and unit="otherpally'sname" where "otherpally'sname" is the name of another healadin in your raid that could be slapping Bacon on your target

What you're looking for is whether any healing via Bacon is being attributed to your target. If so, you're going to have to figure out how many times. Use the 60 sec duration as a guide. Do this for every paladin and subtract the number from the total times your target got the buff.

If you're sticking it on multiple targets, you should be able to get a history of whom got what by filtering yourself and seeing what healing is attributed to you.

All in all I'm pretty happy with things. Last night it felt as if Judging was something to work in between heals but I didn't feel stressed out like "Omg, do I heal them or do I blow a GCD???" Once my addons were set up so I could see all my timers, things were good.


Christopher said...

Glad to hear you're making progress on KJ.

Oddly enough, I didn't get to use Bacon in Karazhan (I was busy DPSing since only one healer is needed now), but I played around with slamming my bacon on people while healing the Headless Horseman. Not that Bacon's a necessity in there, I just really wanted to try it out. I'm happy with it, but since I haven't been able to test it in a high damage scenario, I can't say I could speak with any authority on it. Maybe I'll try to pug TK or Hyjal. =P

When you're judging the mob, are you also hitting it to benefit from the mana/health kickback, or are you just judging it for the haste buff and giving everyone else the free mana/health?

Valyre said...

I judge for the haste buff and to give other people mana. On 99% of fights I'm no where near the boss (1-shot cleaves/melee AoE/Spreadable Diseases/etc.). If I was, I'd end up doing whatever auto-whacks happened. Last night I spent some time looking threatening at KJ without actually taking a swing.

Mana isn't really an issue for me right now but I haven't had to go full out spam on Lights yet.

Anonymous said...

Woot for time working on KJ.

It's been encouraging reading about your guild's experience with the patch change that we'll get a chance see things past Twins now hopefully.

BT feels like MC now though, with the nerf to bosses, feels really weird to zerg through everything.