May 19, 2008

We Won Fabulous Prizes

Last night had started off on rather shaky ground.  The first thing I did was forget about the trash respawns.  I ported to Kalecgos' area, mounted up, and proceeded to run straight into a giant green robot.  Luckily his aggro died with me and I just had to run back.
A few minutes later after buffs and the like, we pulled said robot.  Well, some of the healers apparently weren't ready and Fozec died.  No tank, no raid.  So we're 10 min into the raid and I've already died twice.  I checked to make sure I wasn't in some alternate reality where plate made you more squishy.  Or that I was still wearing my about town dress.  Negative on both.
We didn't have what I'd call the ideal comp for Brutallus.  We were short our CoH priest and had to substitute in a healadin on MT healing, one that's never done the fight.  Our dps warrior was MIA so we had one of our prot's, Miron, respec.  The best attempt we'd had was 2% and that was without the dps warrior buff.  We also were running with 2 shadow priests.  While the mana benefit is obvious, this is a dps race and they're the lowest damage producers.  It's not their fault.  It's how their class is designed.
Since the other healadins had the shadow priest, I stuck with my normal assignment of spamming Flashes.  On the first attempt we lost Fozec to a Stomp, which reduces the tank's armor by 50% for 10 sec.  I expected the new healadin to need a few attempts before he got the right rank of Light figured out.  Also, at the same time as the Stomp, the MT priest had been running back from the Burn spot.
On the second attempt it was the same thing, except I was running to the Burn spot after getting the debuff a second time.  The general consensus was the dps were performing where they needed to be but the healers needed to suck less.  One of the resto shaman got testy about it, but everyone understood that it was frustration talking.
On the third attempt things just fell in place.  People were running to the right place for Burn.  The dps had what it took.  We kept the MT's alive.  Brutallus was at 1% when we hit the 6 min enrage.  Both of our tanks were insta-wiped but the rest of the raid managed to finish him off before everyone had croaked.  Score!
We got 1 of each kind of belt plus some tanking legs.  Two of our tanks picked up items, to the benefit of the entire raid.  Unfortunately, some ranged dps felt the need to experiment on Felmyst's sensitivity to being shot in the rear end.  She was not amused and proceeded to destroy us while we were looting.
We managed to accidentally pull Felmyst 2 more times in the process of setting up for the next fight.  Note to the world: Mass Dispel will aggro her.  Honest.  It was like having Nightbane constantly flying overhead and one little glance up would set him off.
I can't say we made much progress on Felmyst beyond getting our positions for phase 1 down.  Like Nightbane, she alternates between ground and air combat.  Unfortunately for us, she has laser beam-like puke that chases the raid during phase 2.  Add to that an aoe breath that mind controls people for the duration, and you've got some fun times on your hands.

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Christopher said...

Excellent! Yet another major step forward!

I still maintain that these raid bosses need spectator areas. I imagine it somewhat like golf, with a group of people following the raid group of their choice in a roped off area with a good view of the action. Also like golf, though, I would not be opposed to seeing a defenseless spectator occasionally obliterated by means of a stray fireball or wayward cleave.

Not that there are cleaves in golf. (But there TOTALLY should be.)