May 8, 2008

Follow-Up to the Haste Post Yesterday

I realized that while I explained how to include the RotER proc in your calcs, I didn't actually compare those results to to the other rings.  So here it is.  The RotER has a HPS of 1367 for Flash and 2254 for Light.  This is lower than both Ring of Flowing Life (1373/2277) and Band of Lucent Beams (1369/2270).
In a 6 min boss fight, the difference isn't huge at about 2k less healing with Flash and 8k less healing with Light, as compared to the RoFL.  Side comment, nice acronym there Blizz.  But if you push the fight timer up to 10 min, that's about 14k less healing with Lights.  I don't know anyone that can spam Lights for that long, though.  hehe
Talking with Fozec last night, I think we're going to put a freeze on people getting the JC ring made due to our shortage of sunmotes.  They don't have a very high drop rate and there isn't a ton of trash in SWP to get them from.  That means we're only averaging about 2 crafted items a week, compared to the nearly unlimited supply of Hearts of Darkness in MH/BT.  What this leaves them for is the glove patterns.  We currently have both the plate and mail healing ones available.  For me, the gloves were a +10 healing and ~+30 crit increase, which is far better than only +8 haste, especially since I can get a very similar ring as a drop.
I picked up the T6 bracers a few nights ago, and they have a red gem slot.  They've been enchanted but I'm still deciding on the gem.  Normally I'm a follower of slot colors.  Most of the gear up to this point has had blue and yellow slots, so it's purple and orange gems all around.  The only exception was 1 JC crit gem and 1 JC healing gem.  Patch 2.4 introduced red slots and I just started filling them up with the +22 stones.  I also am still running with the +26 healing meta, fyi.  All this healing and I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with them.  I don't want to turn into 2.5k healing guy if it means loosing out on other stats.
If I put a red gem in the bracers, I'm looking at a net -6 stam, -5 int, -6 crit, +22 healing, and +11mp5.  If I go with purple it's the same but +11 healing and +13mp5.  Orange is +0 int, +11 healing, and +11mp5.  Muy loco yellow and it's +4crit, +0 healing and +10mp5.
I admit I have a bit of a draw to the yellow, only because I feel like my crit is a little on the low side and I don't much like loosing more.  In my original gear plan, I went with a red gem and the net result wasn't bad, so it's kind of an unfounded fear.  I'm cruising at over 13k mana buffed, so the int isn't super important.  I think I have my mana regen under control since I've started using mana pots and my trinket more.  So in the end, I guess the red +healing is the way to go.


Tessa said...
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Anonymous said...

hmm I'll have to fiddle with the math and my character's stats from your previous post

the holydins in my guild were hemming and hawing over more +heal vs more crit the other day-- most of them were going towards more crit at this point, but then someone took a look at the +2400 plus healing holydin in Nihilum as an example and he has straight up red gems in everything possible, not sure what meta he's using though