Jan 28, 2008

The Week, It has Ended

I didn't get as much done in WoW this weekend as I expected because sometimes it's just more fun to sit on the couch with your husband and watch really bad sci fi movies. Dune, anyone?

But that doesn't mean there was zero progress. My hunter hit level 60 and tamed her white lion on the second attempt. Had I of known that you can tame through ice traps, my life would have been much easier. I also managed to pick up a prowling kitty as my temp cat to down Shy-Rotam, so that was kind of a fun surprise. Prowl + Dash = crazy looking.

Reading the hunter how-to's, they suggested I run an instance as the fastest way to get my new cat's loyalty up. Apparently with each level of loyalty, you get a chunk of training points, so this is pretty key in getting Frodie (white lion) to be as good as Furball was. (She still in the stable, btw.) I hit loyalty 2, "Sometimes I don't think about eating you.", before getting an invite for Ramparts.

Now, I have to admit that pugs are normally pretty fun for me. I led a sheltered instance life since my first character, so the idea of just running with random people is still new and interesting. Sadly, this turned out to be the worst pug I've ever been on. I should have known to drop and run when the group leader expected me to help them with quests ahead of time. Now, I don't mind helping someone, but this got me killed 3 times before we ever got to the instance, and no amount of "No, I'm not on that quest." seemed to matter. I basically had to solo an entire Hate camp thing, complete with a named guy and cannons, not once, but twice. With a nub cat that struggles to hold aggro.

So we get to the instance and the group lead says "Well, this looking for group tool sucks. It didn't even give us a tank." o.O Putting LFG on auto-invite does not thus build an excellent instance team. So we had no tank, and I don't think we even had a healer. Near as I can tell, we had a moronic retadin, 2 hunters, a mage, and a SP. And the mobs hit too hard for my dps cat to tank one. After the first wipe, people bailed (including me). I tried to continue on with my questing, but I was too irritated. Time for some couch + husband + Terminator 2 (which I've never seen).

Later that evening, my healadin hit up Council for some lewts after the first attempt. That fight is long and really hard on everyone (1k ways to self destruct ftl) but we basically pwn the joint. If you take the AoE out of the equation, it's just some serious tank and spank.

It took us a number of tries to down Illidan but we got it done. The drops were pretty awesome. My husband picked up the [Bulwark of Azzinoth] while one of the dps got [The Skull of Gul'dan]. There was much drooling and general excitedness as Gruul's shield got tossed in the bank. While I handled getting all the new lewt owners their cut gems, my husband stood outside Shatt so guildmates could test out the shield's proc rate. It was pretty funny, seeing like 10 people (or more) standing around and cheering when it proc'd +2k armor. lol My husband will be signing autographs next. :D


jim said...

I'm still pretty excited to have gotten that shield. It's probably the biggest tanking upgrade I've ever gotten from a single item. It was worth like 10,000 tank points more than the Gruul's shield I was using, which is ridiculous. Plus it looks awesome. :D

Valyre said...

I didn't notice until I posted that pict that you found a black tabard. I can't tell what it is, though.

And I forgot to say one thing: Yay for 3 day raid weeks!!! Woot!!!

jim said...

I actually pulled that Tabard out of my bank. I have a small collection of old ones. The Tabard in the picture is Argent Dawn.