Jan 2, 2008

Vacation is Over :(

So it's back to the daily grind. /wave to the holidays :(

It was really nice taking a break from most things, though. So, let's see what I've managed to accomplish since posting last. I made about 14dz Christmas cookies. Then I made about 12dz more after I finally found a cookie press available for retail sale. Then I gave them all away.

My hunter ran ZF twice, successfully completing all of my quests for that instance. The highlight of both runs was that I was given party leader (without asking), becoming responsible for all of the icon marking and pulls. It was pretty fun and I definitely enjoyed controlling the flow of the run. Sure, I made a couple of mistakes, but I made sure I learned from them. Neither "tank" in the groups actually tanked much of anything, so my cat did most of the heavy lifting. I trapped what I could, and we only had one wipe total.

At one point, the rogue posted the damage meter data over party chat and congratuated herself on being first. She then thanked my cat for being second. I didn't burst her bubble pointing out you should really add the pet and hunter's damage together (we don't really operate separately, you know?). If she had done that, I would have handily been top. hehe

I ended last night in Un'goro Crater, less than 25% from level 52. I completely skipped that area on the last 2 characters, so it was sort of new again. The giant T-Rex's were freaking me out, though. I don't know if it was because it was late, but my heart would pound everytime I saw one. I'd back me and my cat up against the nearest shrubbery and stand completely silent. It was like being a part of Jurassic Park. Do I know they only care about aggro radius? Yes. Did it matter last night? No. I was sceered.

The healadin made a bit of progress as well. Even with the holidays, we managed to clear all of the farm bosses every week (5/5 MH, 6/9 BT). I also got sucked into a ZA run, taking pitty on their 30 min search for a healer. I hate ZA. All in all, I picked up the revered MH ring, T6 helm, and a couple of JC patterns. The helm was my first piece of item level 141 or higher that had a gem slot, so I was pretty excited to fire up the [Luminous Pyrestone].

We added a warlock to our 5v5 team, which is all kinds of win. My husband now has a full set of PvP gear from season 3, with the exception of the shoulders/weap/shield. Those are season 2 or crafted. He looks pretty awesome! I have the S3 chest and legs, plus the S2 mace. Everything else is T5/6. I try to stay in the back with my pally, so I haven't really run into issues with my lack of resil yet.

A number of people have done their WoW New Year's Resolutions, so I figured I'd slap up mine, too. They're really more like my to-do list, though.

1. Run ST
2. Get my secondary professions to 300
3. Figure out what kind of LW I want to be and do eet
4. Save up the gold for my epic mount
5. Grind the rep for a nelf kitty epic mount
6. Get macros set up for all things 5-man instance
7. Rearrange my UI and install hunter addons
8. L2MouseTurn :(

1. Start doing the heroic and PvP dailies, plus 1 more
2. Get the badges for the PvP cloak
3. Get exalted with Consortium
4. Grind for the PvP JC patterns in Halaa

Last but not least, I've added my WoW Insider articles to the links on the right. I'm not going to do this for all of them, just the ones I feel provide how-to information.

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