Jan 30, 2008

And Then It Gets Weirder

Right now I'm still chewing my way through level 60 on my hunter. It seems like I've just got too many admin things to do on her before I can get back to killing mobs.

Last night I met my husband's alt in nelf land where he gave me the rest of the gold to get my epic land mount. I went with the blue kitty and it's been pretty cool cruising around 40% faster. I also trained up both me and my pet (47g ftl).

I'm still not exactly sure how this whole loyalty thing goes, but my lion's sitting at level 5 "I might eat you if it's either that or starvation." I swear it was only level 2 last weekend and I've been logged off since then. Strange.

In my woeful nubitude, I had somehow missed getting my carrot on Voith, so when a guildie announced they were looking for a couple more, I jumped at the chance. Now, the person asking was a level 70 warlock, so I was hoping this would just be a loot and scoot run. I didn't want to spend hours and hours in there.

So I grab my carrot quest and we start in on the trolls. It's me, the lock, and 2 mid-40's mages. One of the mages suddenly says "cut cat" and I said thanks. The lock tells me over party chat that it's her daughter playing the mage, and to excuse her because she's only 6 yrs old. She had also just learned to use say that day. What?! So I start watching her, expecting her to pretty much just auto-follow her mom around. She was careful to only nuke mobs that either me or the lock had already gotten aggro on. I always had the int buff. If she got behind the group, she'd blink to catch up. The one time she died was because she got a ton of scarabs on herself, tried to nuke them off with arcane explosion, then panicked and ran towards the hallway. I tried healing her with the drainy racial, but it was too late. She ran back and we did the zombie boss. The only other thing she said was "i love my wopertinger" and I completely agree. I love mine, too. We went directly to the swimming pool after that and I got my scale.

Now, near as I can tell, while the girl was only 6 yrs old, her mom had complete control over her gaming experience. For one, she was playing with her, not letting her run around all over the place. Secondly, I'm pretty sure say was the only channel the girl had turned on, so it would be difficult for anyone to tell her inappropriate things. And she completely looked like a normal character running around. She easily controlled where she was going and what spells she used.

The video I mentioned helping with yesterday will be up on my guild's theatre page once it's done. So far he's only gotten the credits completed. You can check them out here.


Ratshag said...

The universe requires 6yo Mages what know how to play to balance out all the adults what acts like whiny self-centered six year olds.

Christopher said...

Hear hear, ratshag!

I happen to be in the guild Val mentions, in fact. I'm half ashamed to admit that for weeks, partially out of reflex and mostly out of general goodwill, I would greet this young mage in guild chat upon logon. Finally, her mother informed me that the toon belonged to her daughter, who was six, and could not respond.

At the time I took this to mean she either lacked sufficient reading skills, writing skills, or both to communicate an adequate response. I know now, though, that it's entirely possible that guild chat was disabled on this young girl's account, most likely along with whispers, all chat channels, yells, and the like. This is a style of active parenting I find both surprising and refreshing. Surprising because it's increasingly uncommon for parents to take an active role in how their children are playing video games, and refreshing in that the parent's active role enables mother and daughter to play together in a controlled environment (in a game rated "T", no less!).

Video games aren't destroying our children. Inept parenting is destroying our children. Kudos to the mother for going the extra mile.

Interestingly enough and more to your point, ratshag, our guild recently lost a mage who behaved as you describe. We took him to Karazhan and all he did was arcane missiles all night (when he wasn't in melee range to whack the bosses with his staff, that is). I should mention he was full frost spec. He did not react well when the raid leader informed him he would not be attending the second half of the instance. I'd take this little girl over him any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

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